A Continual Process of Forming and Transforming

MCAD invites exploration and experimentation in your creative practice. Choose from courses ranging from fine arts and design to entrepreneurship and sustainability. With so many choices, where do you see yourself on this journey?


Artwork by Jo Farley ; Jo Farley
Jo Farley


Offering a transformative education open to all backgrounds, MCAD gets you ready to confidently lead and practice in an ever-evolving world. It’s where students find their personal and professional purpose as creative leaders.

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Tiara Penna
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Payton Felper

MCAD's student body includes more than 800 students from 45 states and 15 countries.

Get Involved

MCAD welcomes you. Through unique events, lectures, alumni programs, and more, there are endless opportunities for everyone to join in.

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27 October 2023
6:00 PM Main Gallery
16 - 18 November 2023
6:00 PM MCAD Main Building

MCAD alumni are accomplished makers, culture shapers, and problem solvers.

More than 97% of MCAD students receive some kind of financial aid. Support MCAD’s mission to offer a world-class education to all.