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User Experience (UX) Design Certificate

Fully online. Learn UX (User Experience) principles and strategies, and how they apply to mobile apps and UX design systems. 

Total cost: $1400 noncredit, $2,202–$3,847 for 1.5-5 credits, depending on course selection.

UX Scholarship Opportunity through UXPA MN

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  • Design and implement contemporary UX designs using contemporary wireframe, versioning, and iterative design practices. 
  • Research, compile, and write persona and scenario documents with regards to UX.
  • Implement User and Stakeholder research in the design and implementation of UX designs. 
  • Utilize fundamental content organization and best practices within UX design.

COURSES: Take 2 of the following.

First take:

  • User Experience (UX) Concepts and Mobile Apps (8 weeks, meets twice per week, $700 noncredit, $1,282 for 1.5 credit)


  • Graduate Level User Experience Design (15 weeks, meets once per week, $1,210 noncredit, $2,556 for 3 credits)

Followed by:

  • User Experience (UX) Design Systems and Prototyping Concepts (8 weeks, meets twice per week, $700 noncredit, $1,282 for 1.5 credit)