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Fine Arts

Create Art,
Create Community

The Fine Arts Department at MCAD prepares students for life-long studio and community practices relevant to a changing art world. An interdisciplinary curriculum, supported by rigorous technical and conceptual development, fosters growth and self-confidence. The department encourages aesthetic and cultural diversity in a program that is immersive and collaborative. We strive to create professional opportunities for students to engage in a broader dialog with the world beyond the classroom and to be fully prepared for a meaningful post-MCAD experience.

Fine Arts majors select a concentration in Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and Expanded Media, or Print Paper Book Arts.

Student in their studio surrounded by their artwork

Learning Outcomes

Fine Arts Majors will: 

  • Identify and develop the core concepts within their artwork through medium-specific, intermedia and interdisciplinary study.
  • Create a cohesive body of work articulating their perspective and situating themselves as contemporary artists.   
  • Demonstrate advanced technical skills through materials-specific and intermedia coursework. 
  • Develop professional practice, self-criticality, and self-reliance
  • Demonstrate critical reading, writing and speaking skills that address their artistic goals within the field of contemporary art
  • Develop an understanding of contemporary and traditional art theory and practice
  • Analyze and critique the work of others while in service to each other and the community. 
  • Experience professional exhibitions, internships and community programs.

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Class Highlights

This Bachelor of Fine Arts program enables students to learn advanced technical and critical thinking skills through materials-specific and intermedia coursework. Class highlights include: 

  • Fine Arts Studio: Art & Ecological Futures
  • Fine Arts Studio: Storytelling
  • Print in Public: Zines, Posters, Eco Graffiti
  • Papermaking
  • Sculpture: Casting & Mixed Media
  • Painting: Materials & Techniques
  • Operative Drawing

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a degree in Fine Arts Studio. Potential careers include:

  • Contemporary Artist
  • Curator
  • Arts Administrator
  • Arts Writer
  • Creative Cultural Leader

See what students in the major are making

“I started out as a photography major, but I switched to fine arts studio so I could have more freedom with my photography work, incorporating sculptural elements. I felt like my classes allowed for a lot of experimentation.” –Jamie Thomas ’14, Freelance Photographer