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Engaged and Public Arts

Imagination and Craft
in Collaboration

MCAD’s Engaged and Public Arts minor combines the power of liberal arts and studio practice to inspire imagination, elevate your craft, and share skills in the public sphere. Through research, 实地考察, and scholarship, students bring to life public-art projects or community-based projects, always coming from an informed understanding of the shared space and relationship with the community. 

A group of people in front of an in-progress mural

As a Engaged and Public Arts minor, you will:

  • Gain critical insight into collaborative practices that support public or socially engaged art. 
  • Broaden your cultural knowledge.
  • Determine your unique value as a public/community art maker. 
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Class Highlights

This minor emphasizes a collaborative process of working on teams with students from all MCAD majors.

Required classes include: 

  • Art in Community
  • Arts in the Cities
  • Ethnography for Artists and Designers

After MCAD

There are many paths to explore with a minor in Engaged and Public Arts.

Potential careers include:

  • Public Arts Administrator
  • Public Relations
  • Community Organizing
  • Arts Education
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Public Artist