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First Year Application Checklist

Application Form

To begin the application process, first complete the online application form. The application is easy to fill out, plus you can save it as you go so it doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting. The form requires a credit card number for the application fee of $50. In cases of financial hardship, this fee may be waived. Please contact Admissions for more information.

Official Transcripts

Send via email, mail, Slideroom, or secure document transfer

Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts marked "Issued to Student" are not considered official. MCAD will accept unofficial copies for review in the application process uploaded to SlideRoom or emailed, with official copies with a date of high school graduation or GED equivalency due prior to enrollment. If a student has taken courses or semesters as pass/fail, the type and rigor of courses taken will be considered. A student's chance of admission will not be negatively impacted by taking courses pass/fail. Please contact your admission counselor for next steps if you have questions about submission of transcripts.

High School Students/Graduates

Submit official transcripts from high school and any colleges or universities that you have attended.

Non-High School Graduates

If you did not complete high school, submit your general equivalency diploma (GED) scores as well as official transcripts from high school and any colleges or universities you have attended.

Transfer Students

If you are or have been enrolled at another college or university, submit official transcripts from high school* and colleges or universities you have attended.

Homeschool Students

Homeschool transcripts are welcome. Please ensure your transcript includes classes, curricula, grades, and graduation date.

*Not required if you have previously earned a bachelor's degree.

See additional information about transferring PSEO, AP, IB, and college credits.

(Optional) ACT or SAT Scores

Send via email, mail, Slideroom, or secure document transfer

Submission of  ACT or SAT scores for the undergraduate program is optional. Your chance of admission will not be impacted if you do not submit standardized test scores. In many circumstances, standardized test scores may have value for indicating potential ability, so students are still encouraged to submit them with their application. There is no minimum score. The writing portion of the test is not recommended. Please contact your admission counselor for next steps if you have questions about submission of scores. MCAD will accept scores for review in the application process uploaded to SlideRoom, emailed, or mailed.


Letter of Recommendation

Send via email, mail, or Slideroom

One letter of recommendation or letter of support is required from a guardian, mentor, art instructor, teacher, guidance counselor, advisor, or employer in promotion of your application.

The letter should consist of a short paragraph on your ability to successfully participate in a college program.

Letters are due by the posted deadlines for each specific program.

You may send the request directly to the writer via Slideroom.

Written Statement

Send via Slideroom

Write a carefully edited 400- to 600-word statement responding to one of the following questions specific to your program.

AI Policy: At MCAD, the use of AI for content generation in the Written Statement admissions requirement is not allowed. We value the importance of authenticity and genuine expression in showcasing applicants' individual voices and artistic perspectives. However, we recommend utilizing word editing programs for grammar, punctuation, and spell checking before submission, ensuring clarity and coherence in your writing.

Bachelor of Science Applicants

Describe a team project in which you have been involved. What was the goal of the project? What was your role? What did you learn from the process? Was the project successful?

Bachelor of Fine Arts Applicants

Choose one of the following:

  • Describe an artist who has influenced your work. Discuss both the artist's work and your own work.
  • Describe a project you completed as a member of a group. Describe the project and your role.
  • Describe how a critique of your work influenced it or made it better.

(Optional) Academic Writing Sample

Send via Slideroom

Submission of a graded writing sample completed in an academic setting (high school or college) is encouraged. Your chance of admission will not be impacted if you do not submit a writing sample.


Send via Slideroom (do not mail)

Bachelor of Science Applicants

A portfolio of artwork is not required. However, visual documentation of the project described in your personal statement may be uploaded as a portfolio.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Applicants

Your portfolio is the most important part of your application. It is evaluated on artistic and conceptual content, design, composition, technical skill, and creative potential. Get some tips on developing your best portfolio.

AI Policy: At MCAD, we discourage the use of AI-generated content in admissions portfolios. No more than 3 pieces of AI-assisted artwork may be submitted as part of an admission portfolio with clear citation and explanation of why AI was chosen as a tool. MCAD places a high value on artistic integrity and individual voice and expects student work to be a reflection of their own ideas and skill.

We recommend including the following four subjects in your portfolio:

  • Landscape
  • Still life
  • Interior space
  • Self-portrait

At least one of these subjects must be represented in an observational drawing. Do not work from photographs or another artist's work. Include a full value scale (from light to dark) and background. Use your eyes, imagination, and creativity. The remaining three subjects may be composed in the media of your choice.

Additionally, include eight to sixteen pieces of finished artwork that show your technical skills and idea development. It helps to submit work from a variety of media to best demonstrate your abilities; any medium is acceptable. Sketches may only be submitted to show idea development of submitted completed pieces. 

Slideroom allows you to include titles, dates, media, dimensions, and notes. Both still images and time-based works may be uploaded. Images may be viewed and rearranged until the application process is complete. Detailed instructions are found in our step-by-step video walkthrough and on the Slideroom site. There is no charge to submit portfolios online. For technical support, email

Using Slideroom

All of our applications require you to upload materials via Slideroom. This video will walk you through the process.

Mailing Address

MCAD Admissions Office

2501 Stevens Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404