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Get Involved

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You can join your fellow alumni at gatherings held both locally and around the country. Events hosted by the alumni association range from networking happy hours to mentorship programs. A number of alumni gatherings are also held across the country each year. Upcoming events are listed on the alumni 脸谱网 page. Hope you can join!

Plan an Event

Did you just move to a new city and want to meet alumni in the region for happy hour? Do you want to organize a peer critique night for feedback on your recent project? Have you recently opened a new exhibition that you want to show to the MCAD community? Do you want to host an open house at your gallery or studio for fellow MCAD alumni?

The success of MCAD alumni events is directly tied to the active participation of alumni during the planning process. You provide ideas and help organize events that appeal to a broad range of alumni throughout the year. Depending on the event, volunteers may be asked to provide or identify a venue, communicate with alumni, serve as greeters/hosts, and submit attendance lists and feedback.

If you have an idea for an alumni event in your community, 电子邮件我们—we would love to hear from you!


Alumni can help the college in many ways by volunteering to be a guest speaker for students, working with admissions to connect with prospective students and parents, signing up with Career Development to identify internship opportunities, hosting an event, and sharing your stories. Email to get involved.