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Guiding Principles

MCAD's Morrison building on a summer day


MCAD emboldens creative leaders to collaboratively transform society through equity, empathy, and imagination.


MCAD provides a transformative education within a community of support for creative students of all backgrounds to work, collaborate, and lead with confidence in a dynamic, interconnected world.  

MCAD students become:

  • Accomplished makers and scholars
  • Equity-minded problem solvers 
  • Critical, conceptual thinkers
  • Inclusive, collaborative partners
  • Empathic listeners
  • Creative storytellers
  • Engaged citizens within a global context


  • Transformational Ideas and Actions that emerge from the intersection of creativity, culture, and equity.
  • Collaborative Community that supports both independent achievements and collective successes.
  • Empathetic Leadership that integrates humility, inclusivity, curiosity, and foresight to fuel change. 
  • Multifaceted and Complex Identities that embody diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. 
  • Experiential Learning that embraces generative processes, critical discourse, and an iterative methodology to achieve academic, institutional, and individual excellence.

Equity and Inclusion

MCAD strives to be a community of equal opportunities and inclusivity. You are welcomed into the MCAD community as an individual, regardless of your race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, ability, or marital status. Learn more at