Web Development Series Certificate | Minneapolis College of Art and Design-mg娱乐手机版

Web Development Series Certificate

Learn the basics of web development, including HTML and CSS, through three five-week courses.

Offered fully online.

Total cost: $1260 noncredit, $3565 for 3 credits

Student sitting at computer with an ipad


  • Web Development: HTML (5 weeks); $420 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit
  • Web Development: CSS (5 weeks); $420 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit
  • Web Development: Topics and Projects (5 weeks); $420 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit


  • Using a design comp, create a high-quality, maintainable web page using HTML and CSS.
  • Analyze and fix coding errors by using contemporary browser development tools.
  • Deploy finished websites to publicly accessible servers using industry standard tools and processes.
  • Use version control technology (such as Git) for managing and sharing code
  • Examine, critique, and improve code quality based on factors such as efficacy, reliability, maintainability, efficiency, and elegance.